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We are so excited you are here! Because if you are here you are either redoing your kitchen or you are looking to start painting kitchens for a profit. This eBook follows step by step completely redoing a kitchen from start to finish. We dive in to the every step from prep to finishing, paint color and paint type.

Why Do You Need This eBook?

You are so close to getting the kitchen you dreamed of or finally starting to cash in on some money! Look its not as easy as just slapping some paint on cabinets with hung doors. There are rules when it comes to painting wood, wood is NOT drywall! Kitchen cabinets are high traffic areas, how many times a day do you or your family touch the silverware drawer? Hard to say but its a lot! Regular paint without any special attention is not going to last!

We include a finishing notes section and a supply check list with additional links on types of products we recommend. Bonus we have even included designer tips on how to choose paint colors for your kitchen.

I am so excited lets go paint some cabinet!


File size 3.2 MB (PDF Document)

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