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Furniture painting can be fun and therapeutic for some. However other can have a hard time getting started at the risk of messing things up. Am I right? I have heard it so many times. After reading this eBook you will have the confidence to get that project done. It is going to be so amazing when you are finished! We are offering this download for FREE! Yes, Free!

Whats all included

Even if you have painted before this eBook is jam packed with so much information from the pros. We will take you set by set on how to properly prep, prime, sand, paint and top coat your project. We have extra links should you want to learn more and also product recommendations. Bonus there is even a section for your finishing / painting notes so you know just what you did to your project incase you want to do it again!

The Upcycle Girls
<p>"You will find us among the sandpaper and sawdust"</p>

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