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FREE Furniture Painting eBook!

I get so many questions so often about painting furniture and I love to share my knowledge with all of my followers. So I gathered all of the information and wrote down every step put it neatly in a little eBook just for you.

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Kitchen Makeover – Using Aqua Coats White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler

Jess (from Kaleidoscope Interiors) and I where thrilled to be part of this makeover bonus this is the first kitchen we have documented using Aqua Coats White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler and we wanted to bring you along for the journey. 

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Craft Stores

Shopping Small at This and That Craft Mill – Genesee Depot

In our opinion, it’s the unexpected gifts that make the biggest impression.  The ones that are handmade; the ones that are from the heart; the ones that tell a story.  Buying local and handcrafted is rewarding for the gift-giver, the recipient, and the maker. When you walk into a store like This & That Craft […]

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Thrift Store Reviews Tips and Tricks

Donating Durning the Holidays

Every fall I find myself go through every closet / kids room / and drawer  in the house. I subconsciously do it as soon as the leaves start falling. With each load to the resale shop and recycling bin I feel better lighter almost. As if weight has been lifted. My organizational skills are in […]

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The History Buff in All of us

History of the Cornucopia

The welcoming of November I was thinking of thanksgiving and spending time with family. Some of the visions I have of a perfect thanksgiving table usually includes a cornucopia. As most of you know Becca and I are history lover and always absorbing whatever we can. I remember reading a blurb about the cornucopia years […]

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