Vanity Transformations

Over the years we have built quite a portfolio of work. We wanted to start sharing some of them with you to hopefully help get your gears turning on what you might want to do on YOUR next project.  We will share the color of paints used for each project, which you can purchase online by clicking the links or contact us directly and we will get you a DIY kit of your own!


Emerald Vanity: mixed 50:50 Emerald Green and Lime Green. Glazed with Bronze Pearl Effects. Top is stained Brown Mahogany.


Buttermilk Vanity: Base and mirror are painted Buttermilk and heavily distressed. Top is stained Antique Cherry Wood Stain.


Art Decor Vanity: painted Seagull Grey and distressed. Top was sprayed with Mohawk Vandyke Brown and Dark Walnut Toning Sprays.


Patina Vanity: Layer 1 is Patina Green, Layer 2 is an off-brand water-based teal. Glazed with Van Dyke Brown. Top is Antique Walnut Gel Stain.

We always top coat our painted and refinished work with either a polyurethane or pre-cat waterborne finish.  We only wax when a specific look is desired. To find out more about why we don’t wax go here.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog! Have you restored or flipped a vanity recently we would love to see it!

Happy Junking!

Tara and Becca

Stay tuned in for next weeks blog all about Safety! What the Upcycle Girls recommend for protection when refinishing and painting furniture.



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