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Captains Desk Restyled

Written by: UpCycle Girl Tara


I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this beauty for sale! Priced a little high, but I was able to haggle a bit. I have always wanted a desk like this. Unfortunately, I just do not have a place for it so the next best thing is getting one to revamp. The wood was in terrible shape. It must have been painted once in its life. Someone attempted to strip it but clearly lost interest and just tried to cover it up with some dark stain and finish. Also the center pull out writing surface has been replaced. I wanted to keep this project simple and classic, capable of being a statement piece for any room. I restored the inside by just evening out the color and clear coating. Then choose bone white chalk style paint from General Finishes; Distressed and added 2 clear coats if ML Campbell (sprayed on) with HVLP.

Note: We always use durable hard clear finishes as we do not believe in waxing furniture for protection. If you want to know more about why read this.

So what do you think? What would you have done if this was gong in your house?

Thanks for reading and happy junking!


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