Choose The Right Cleaning Products For Furniture

You just got the piece you have been searching every flea market for! Now you want to make sure you take care of it so it lasts. We have some cleaning polishing tips for you.

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For just regular cleaning or dusting just a damp cloth should do just fine. If you need to do a little extra cleaning, some mild dish soap and water will work perfect. If you have something sticky or greasy you need to clean up try some naphtha.

You don’t need to polish on a regular bases. The wood is sealed with a finish. If you oil or wax you are just adding to the top of the finish. However if you still want to do a yearly more intense polishing or cleaning to bring back some shine I have just the right tips for you to find your polishing products. I traveled up to the local hardware store. Ace hardware is by far one of my favorites. There is always the older man working that is super helpful and reminds me of my dad. Anyway when you go there to find your cleaning product remember to look on the lable for the words NO SILICONES. It’s really important that is says that. If it doesn’t it means the product carries silicones. Silicones is a huge no no for wood. Products like Pledge carry silicones.

After this trip to Ace the only product I could find that states there are no silicones is Guardsmen. I use Guardsman dusting cloths which are amazing! They collect all the dust wash and reuse. They are similar to a tack cloth without the waxy residue.

If you see signs like veneer lifting or loose joints it might be time to consult with a professional. You can apply finishes over existing finishes to help secure and preserve the wood. Full re-guling might also be needed. Glue can break down and deteriorate over time cleaning out all the old glue and a proper regular job will fix it to last years.

What do you do to clean or polish your furniture? What have you found that doesn’t contain sillicones?

Thanks for reading and (clean) junking!


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