Hello 2018!


Happy New Year to our faithful followers! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, I’m Tara, half of The UpCycle Girls.  Dairyland mama of three busy creative and energetic kiddos. Married to the most supportive hubby a gal could ask for.  Some of my other passions include photography, antiques and restyling with junk.  I tend to be drawn to things that enhance my creative side. When I’m not chipping my nails flipping furniture, I am out with my kids hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening or hiking.


When my vision for the UpCycle Girls was starting to become more of a reality, I had met Becca and knew we would be the perfect team.  I the half of our team that has wood working / refinishing background, while Becca has more designer background.  We both have our strengths, and are quite capable of doing it all, we compliment each other well!  17 years ago, I started my path in furniture by preserving antiques, and restoring furniture after home disasters.  If there was a flood or a fire in my clients home, each piece was different and needed to utilize a lot of skills and different techniques to have the piece be back to its original state.



The last six years I started revamping furniture with unique design twists, which has always been a passion of mine.   I love preserving furniture to last for generations. I especially enjoy taking something at the tail end of its life and using parts of it to make another piece of furniture all together.  I am so grateful for the support from all of you, and that I can continue doing what I love for a living.  I am very excited for the New Year and see what new opportunities unfold!




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