TheUpcycleGirls.com is here!

Keepin’ it short and sweet today, because this is one of our biggest announcements yet! We are WAY pumped to let you know that our blog has now been expanded into a larger entity. We now will be managing our blog through our website: www.theupcyclegirls.com

Here you will be able to find a quick reference for our contact information (including our team), examples of past projects, information on upcoming UG related events (whether we are participating or not), how to shop or place a custom order, and more! Any and all feedback is welcomed, as the main reason for this is to better represent ourselves to our customers in a way that is much more efficient and simpler for all.

We can’t wait to see what new avenues this path will lead us down with all of you!

Junk up, junk on, and junk happy.

Tara & Becca

The Upcycle Girls
<p>"You will find us among the sandpaper and sawdust"</p>

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