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NEW SERVICE: The Girls now upholster, too!

Tara and I are always working hard to learn new things in order to provide the best services to our customers and the best information for our followers. Sometimes this means teaching each other our own individual skills (Tara has avid woodworking know-how, and my professional experience and education revolve around interior design, art and architecture). And sometimes we learn brand new techniques or trades together! Either way, we are always eager to learn more and to find new ways to use our creativity to help you beautify your homes!

Recently, we decided to take on our first major upholstery project. First, let me clarify what I mean by “major”… In the past we have limited our reupholstering services offered to small-scale projects like seat cushions; This was the first project that involved major disassembly of the units in order to properly remove the old material, assemble the new fabric cover, and reassemble accordingly. However, it was still small scale so we are not quite ready to refurbish your couch. ☺️ Next, I need to give major props to my partner in crime. Although most of the actual hands on parts were done at my house, there’s no way I could have done this start to finish without Tara’s input or taking her opinions into consideration (and borrowing some of her tools! Haha, go team UG!). This was a learning experience for both of us, and we are excited to report a successful outcome!

Before I dive in to the details of the process I also want to thank my cousin Jackie for allowing us the opportunity to “experiment” with her furniture. Here’s the backstory: Jackie recently got a new kitten named Mannie, who very much possesses the adorable, albeit a bit distructive, stereotypical kitten personality. This means lots of checking things out, sometimes with his claws or teeth. Jackie’s breakfast stools were casualties of these tendencies. During a visit to her home, Jackie showed me the teeth marks covering her faux leather stools and asked if I’d able to help. She loved the style and size of the stools, so she didn’t really want new ones. The fabric had to go, though. [TIP: Keep in mind that although reupholstering furniture can sometimes be just as costly as buying new furniture (depending on the depth of the project), it does offer you the opportunity to better customize the final look to fit your personal style and functional requirements.] In addition to that tip, I also told  Jackie I had never done a project like this before, but would be willing try (with the phone number for our large scale upholstery guy on call as Plan B 😉). She was still prepared to take a chance on us, and to be patient as it was probably going to take me a while to figure the process out. So off I went with her stools, and I dove in headfirst (with Tara on standby via phone when I needed advice, of course).

So now to the good stuff. Here is what this whole ordeal looked like…

These are the stools’ “BEFORE” shots. (Nice work, Mannie! 🐱)


I disassembled the stools using many different tools, as these types of projects often involve an array of different structural connectors (staples, different kinds of screws, etc.). Side note: the photo of the staples was truly just the tip of the iceberg! Taking the staples out of these stools was like pulling bobby pins out of Rapunzel’s hair!


Once I had the legs, back, and seat all detached from one another, I removed the existing fabric and used that as a guideline template for my new fabric (adjusting when necessary as there were some imperfections in the cuts on the original fabric). I cut my new fabric from the ream I picked up from Joann Fabrics (Jackie picked this fabric out ahead of time. We got an awesome deal on it! The fabric she chose was an upholstery fabric by Waverly called Pebble Chile.). Then I sewed all the pieces together and applied them to the bare stool seat and back cushions.


Finally, I reassembled the separate, newly upholstered individual pieces and delivered them to Jackie. Here’s the finished product!


I feel the need to stress the fact that this was my first time doing upholstery at this scale, so they definitely didn’t turn out perfect. But with this experience under my belt, I now know how to improve next time and every time after that to achieve our usual standards. So Tara and I are happy to officially and confidently announce that we will be offering this service going forward! 

We also plan to continue to acquire knowledge on the many facets of this business so that we can provide the best kind of decor options in our corner of the market. Let us know if you have any questions about this new service, or requests for anything else new! We’re ready for the challenges!
Junk on, Becca

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