Desk Made Into Matching Night Stands



Save those desks that no longer fit folders or even papers! This desk I took apart and made matching night stands.



Lots of veneer missing, which I was able to fill smooth! I use a lot of  bondo for just this purpose!


Its in two pieces! Needs a little gluing but otherwise its a good and solid for night stands!



More veneer and missing wood! Good thing I know just what to do! 🙂



IMG_6975Stained the top a shaker maple, General Finishes water base stain.


Painted basil green, glazed with vandyke brown glaze and also dry brushed summerset gold milk paint to add some age and depth. Distressed and clear coated with High Performance.


All finished! What do you think??

Thank you and as always


Tara and Becca


*Updated this blog with product links and photos on 3/21/18

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