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This winter, my husband and I decided to enjoy a nice overnight stay-cation in Milwaukee at a swanky historical hotel that we had received a gift certificate for. Not only did we have a great time, but I was on Cloud 9 with the decor. Even when I peel myself away from my work, it’s always on my mind! One of the many ways I know I’ve found my true calling… 😍

We stayed at the Brewhouse Inn & Suites, and dined at the attached Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub. (To check out rates, research location or book your stay visit  http://www.brewhousesuites.com/.) We didn’t know much about it before we went, but my hubby loves his PBR and I love my historical architecture (bonus points if it’s local!) so we had a feeling we’d do just fine.

After one of the best casual dining experiences we’ve had in a while (thinking about the beef sandwich I ordered is making my mouth water as I write this…), we explored the hotel a bit and I snapped some quick photos of my favorite decorative details.

[NOTE: I apologize for the quality of the photos; I took them on my phone. I didn’t anticipate being so enthralled with the hotel’s aesthetics, or I would’ve brought my actual camera. Sorry!!!😁]

I was informed by some of the hotel staff that wherever possible, the architects and designers incorporated materials from the original brewery in the structural and decorative composition of the new hotel.

Check out these copper vats!

Rooms boast of full kitchens, which would’ve been extremely convenient if we would’ve been staying longer! I loved the industrial pendant and bar stools at the kitchenette breakfast table!

Here are a couple more of my favorite pieces… Not entirely sure which ones are old material and which aren’t, which mostly means they did a good job of incorporating both the old and new pieces in the room together… But you can bet I’ll be finding out more at my next visit!

This chandelier was just to gorgeous not to document… I have such a weakness for chandeliers!

I was told the wood used for the headboards as well as the side tables, was indeed wood from the original building. Sa-weet! I wanted to take that little table home with me! (And let me just say, those beds were COMFORTABLE!)

And lastly I’d just like to feature some items from the bathroom. We’ve been seeing upcycled pipes all over the place lately. This is a legit trend – way stylish, way affordable, and keeping these babies out of the dumps makes a big impact environmentally! (Another thing I’ll have to be sure to ask next time I visit is what the numbers were from.)

The Brewhouse Inn & Suites, and Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub are trendy and historic, with delicious food and fantastic service, in a great location. Definitely a destination that I am happy to promote, and am proud to say is a featured metropolitan hot spot near us. Venture out to see it! There’s much more to see than what I’ve shown you today.

On Wisconsin!

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