Friends of the Upcycle Girls: Tara’s Mom the sweater upcycler


Being a true dairyland girl, I know how important it is to know how to brave the rough weather. Just today we are hovering around 16 degrees with a low of 7, and the forecast doesn’t improve for the rest of the week! I love frozen Wisconsin, but what I love most is the seasonal changes. Anyway, believe it or not, finding solutions for staying warm can be yet another excuse to do our favorite thing… Upcycling! A lot of my creative ideas were passed down from my mother.

Her and I both see things in a similarly unique. I got my ability to see something useable in something useless, from her! She recently started making some of the most wonderful wool mittens. She makes them from discarded wool sweaters that she collects from friends and family, and thrift stores. They are lined with fleece, so your fingers are not going to get cold in these!

She finds her fleece at fabric stores, specifically seeking out the reminisce fleece as all frugal Upcycle Girls do. 🙂 Each mitten is decorated with its own sweet little button. The top, bottom, thumb and cuff all have a different wool pattern making each pair unique. Just another creative extension from an Upcycle Girl’s… Mother 🙂



Hope you find something useful from something once un-useful today! If you already have, we would love to hear about it!

Happy Junkin’ Everyone!


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