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“Old” is appreciated everywhere!

Tara and I absolutely love seeing evidence of our passion just about everywhere we go. Being involved personally or professionally in the competition of a trendy market comes with its obvious challenges. However, I believe true passion lies in the raw appreciation of a subject and finding joy in sharing it with others. I was recently on a couple of short trips with my husband, and was reminded how special (and fun!) it can be to celebrate a shared passion with new people. (Oh, how I love finding hidden gems!)

First, we were visiting my in-laws in Florida, and took a day trip to Sanibel Island. En route to the beach, we drove past an antique shop that we couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, once we got knee deep in the store, we noticed the signs requesting “No Pictures” so I don’t have much to show for it. However I will tell you, this place was a maze of beautifully dusty treasures! There was everything from jewelry and military memorabilia, to signage and vintage photos (…and a cast iron mermaid bottle opener that I’m still kicking myself for not snatching up! Next time we head to Florida, I’m not going to second guess that buy. 😉 ).




Trading in the major sun for some major snow and ice, we headed up to Hayward Wisconsin for some cabin time and ice fishing. Per tradition when we head up North, we always spend a little time in town. While we typically stay on the main drag, this time we turned around on a block I don’t normally venture down – I’m so glad this time I did! Sadly, it was closed… But I very much look forward to future visits! (And you can bet I’ll be bogging about it then, too! 🙂 )



Tara and I love to love on others who embrace the history behind a piece of furniture or home decor like we do. So this blog’s for the wonderful folks who own these shops! Hope to cross paths with you again in the near future! And we encourage our readers to venture out on missions to link up with others who share your passion!

Keep dusting off the old stuff,

The Upcycle Girls
<p>"You will find us among the sandpaper and sawdust"</p>

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